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Wherever in the world you sit down, the table is shared, enjoyed, talked and laughed. Good food brings people together. And nothing is more beautiful than serving a delicious meal to family or friends. Compiled with care and prepared with love. Because you can taste it. Go-Tan wants to ensure that you not only cook better, but also more consciously. Together we can make the world a bit more beautiful, bite for bite.

All in the family

Taking good care of each other has always been a matter for us. Probably because we are a real family business. A bond that goes much deeper than just people with the same last name as in our board. In Asian culture, people with whom you have a close relationship are family. This is how we view employees, suppliers and consumers. And that's why we want to take good care of them. This thought helps us make sustainable choices and never lose sight of the long term.

Honesty is the best policy

Every year, millions of people in Europe conjure up the most delicious dishes on the table with our authentic Asian seasonings. We produce them with love and respect for people and the environment. Because to be able to make our 100% natural products for generations to come, we need a healthy planet. That is why we have been focused on fair trade throughout our existence, we work purposefully on sustainable improvements and we are transparent about our performance.

Getting better step by step

Ever since our foundation in 1954, we have been taking larger and smaller steps to make our processes and products more sustainable. In the coming years, we will go even further. In this way we minimize the amount of packaging material, reduce plastic use and investigate our next steps in the use of recycled plastic. We will also plant a food forest in West Sumatra of approximately 25 hectares in 2021 and 2022. In doing so, we stimulate local employment, contribute to local biodiversity and compensate for the CO2 emissions of our Dutch factory.

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Continue to build

on each other

Our rich history is reflected in the close relationships we have built since the 1950s. For example, we care deeply about our Asian partners, who in turn are very important to local communities as employers. Do we commit to a new sustainability label? Then we don't just switch to other producers. We prefer to help our loyal partners to improve as well. This way we don't move problems, but together we come to healthy solutions.

Doing it sustainably

From the melindjo seeds that form the basis of our emping to the shrimp we use to make Go-Tan prawn crackers, we make every effort to use ingredients that are grown or caught with respect for the planet. Pure nature always tastes better. That is why we are making more and more Go-Tan products Asian Naturals, which contain no modified starches, artificial colors or flavor enhancers. We have almost completely removed raw materials with a bad name, such as palm oil and palm fat from our recipes.

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Share good food

Go-Tan wants to inspire people throughout Europe to eat tastier and more consciously. What ends up on your plate is of course entirely up to you. But we like to show you what we do to make healthier choices. For example, by making more variations, cutting back on salt and sugar, combating food waste or exchanging meat and fish for a tasty alternative. This way you discover all kinds of new things, cooking becomes even more fun and you put surprising dishes on the table. Believe us: that makes everyone happy!

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"In this way we can make the world a bit more beautiful, bite by bite!"

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We are proud that our initiatives are recognized and awarded with various certificates.

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