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A foodloving Asian family

Hi, we are Go-Tan. Not a food brand like you are used to, but a food loving family from Asia. Go-Tan is a real family company that is led with love and dedication by the sons of founder Frans Go, Bing and Han.

"Good food" plays a very important role within the Go family. It is the Asian way to experience many beautiful moments with the people around you. Good food enriches your shared memories with friends and family. We think that those joint moments are among the most valuable "possessions" you "collect" in your life.

That is why we never compromise on ingredients, preparation, quality or taste. That's why we always say to each other, "Can't we do it any better?" Because we know that there is always room for improvement. We challenge each other, we continue to discover new flavors and always strive to create the highest possible. As a family we are occupied with this all day. Because food is love. And as a family we always say ''let food do the talking''

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Let food do the talking

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The Go family came to the Netherlands in the early 1950s from the city of Bandung, on the Indonesian island of Java. Besides this Indian-Indonesian origin, the family also has a Chinese origin. The combination of food cultures makes this family the living motto: a foodloving Asian family. Curious about our history in a nutshell?

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The face of Go-Tan

Han Go

You may have come across one of the three brothers in our communication. He regularly gives cooking demonstrations, can be seen in various TV commercials and you can also find his face on our products. Want to know more about the face of Go-Tan?

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