Wanna spice things up?

Spice up your life with Sriracha. From a pizza with Sriracha to a Sriracha Bloody Mary, Sriracha can be used endlessly. Want to know more about this super popular hot sauce? Read the complete story below.

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Spice up your next meal

  1. Hamburger: spice up your hamburger with Sriracha.
  2. Pizza: Pizza and Sriracha is always a good combo!
  3. Taco's: forget Mexican salsa, go Asian!
  4. Salmon: Sriracha Honey Salmon is a must try! Easy, spicy, sweet, and savory.
  5. Bloody Mary: the bloody mary is a classic cocktail. And do you know what makes this classic cocktail even better? A few drops of Sriracha.
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Sriracha is a delicious spicy chili sauce with a perfect balance of flavors, using fresh garlic and carefully selected peppers. By using the fresh peppers, our Sriracha does not contain any artificial coloring or binders.

The name of the sauce also immediately tells where the sauce has its origin: The town of Sri Racha on the coast in the Thai province of Chonburi. In Si Racha, the sauce was first produced and used in local seafood restaurants.

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Our sriracha is made up of 54% fresh peppers. So you can enjoy the pure taste of our Sriracha!

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