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The Real Han Go

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Han Go

Creative Director
Veenendaal, the Netherlands
Favorite food
Formula 1
peanut 1

Questions to Han

Always wanted to know what Han's favorite dish is and whether he would participate in Expedition Robinson himself? You can read it here.

Which dish makes you really happy?

"Oops, there are many! But a good rendang makes me really happy. Or roasted pork belly is always very tasty! ''

What is your most beautiful holiday destination you've ever been?

''Hmm, tough question! I think the west coast of America is really impressive! I also went to Spitsbergen (Norway) for a few days and you don't really have anything there. That's one of the funniest trips I've ever been on! ''

What do you like most about your job?

"In our family business we have a lot of enthusiastic people and I can really enjoy seeing that. I myself am very fond of numbers and I really enjoy looking at an Excel sheet and analyzing the figures, for example. ''

What is your favorite Go-Tan product?

"That would be our Chilli Garlic wok sauce. The wok sauce is fragrant, fresh and yet slightly spicy. Delicious with large shrimps! ''

Would you like to participate in Expedition Robinson yourself?

''Yes! I've always wanted that. I've been watching the program for 20 years now, so that would be really cool. How I would do it? Tactical! Not to stand out too much and contribute to the group by, for example, cooking.''

red pepper / mushrooms / basil